Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

SVP meeting reminiscences

My first SVP meeting was a bit of an eye opener for me:

Microtomography and 3D imaging, molecular paleobiology, advanced phylogenetical and biogeographical approaches, bone and tooth histology and microstructures, morphometrics, biomechanical modelling, any kind of studies on living functional/ ecological/ developmental analogues of fossil beings (actuopaleontology) - that's where the pot of gold is hidden.

... as a former geologist it gives me a certain urge to come to terms with what I should have learned about biology but only got briefly or autodidactically yet.

Apparently world is not as easy and small as it seems when you work as an isolated scholar for too long a time.


220mya hat gesagt…

Don't be so discouraged! You have a career ahead of you with which to learn and expand your horizons. The key is to play to your own strengths (for example, the geoscience side of paleo), and then collaborate with colleagues who are at the forefront of other parts of the science (such as those you mention).

heijah hat gesagt…

have the guts to connect, mihi. little by little - and leave your door open.

no te preocupes!